Jun 15, 2021 These big-batch summer cocktails will refresh everyone at your summertime soirees, barbecues, and get-togethers Whether you're a tequila crowd, wine fans, or more into rum, there's a big batch Ajicito or cachucha pepper, a very mild chili known for it smokiness, recao/culantro (spiny leaf coriander), sarsaparilla, avocado, varieties of zamia, From the diet of the Taino (culturally related with the Maya and Carib peoples of Central America and the Caribbean) and Arawak people come many tropical roots and tubers (collectively called viandas) like yautia and especially YucaDec 10, 2013 16 Nonalcoholic Holiday Party Drinks Offering up a few mocktails and nonalcoholic beverage options at this year's holiday soiree is the perfect way to make everyone feel special, kids and