"A Promise of Quality" is the foundation of Shiraz Grill and we pride ourselves on continuing to keep this promiseUnicorns in the Kitchen is your one-stop source for all of the best Persian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean recipes The Persian designation pacha stems from the term pace, Ghormeh Sabzi - Persian Herb Stew (Video)The proven alchemy of a salt-and-buttermilk brine does wonders for the often-dry roast turkey breast The recipe is so easy, the trickiest step will be pulling out your kitchen scale to weigh out the salt But it's worth doing if you can in order to ensure a properly balanced brineEtymology Featuring the finest in Persian cuisine, the staff at Shiraz Mediterranean Grill provides the utmost professional and memorable experience The name khash originates from the Armenian verb (), which means "to boil" The dish, initially called khashoy (Armenian: ), is mentioned by a number of medieval Armenian authors, including Grigor Magistros (11th century), Mkhitar Heratsi (12th century), and Yesayi Nchetsi (13th century) All of our recipes have been carefully tested and feature step-by-step directions to make cooking easy and funwith other Mediterranean & Persian dishes popular with the lunch and dinner crowds