The trick to reheating grilled salmon without overcooking it and drying it out is do so slowly at a relatively low temperature place your salmon on a rimmed baking sheet and cover it loosely with foil heat it in a 275 deg f oven for about 15 minutes or until warmed through.

The salmon marinade and here rsquo s what goes in the salmon marinade it adds a savoury sweet garlic flavour to the salmon and makes it beautifully caramelised soy sauce is the key ingredient here because it rsquo s salty it acts as the brine injecting flavour and juiciness into the salmon flesh it does not make the salmon taste asiany.

Grilled bbq salmon in foil instead of the melted butter and garlic brush 1 4 cup of bbq sauce try this homemade barbecue sauce on the salmon before grilling top with lemon slices as directed grilled salmon in foil with soy sauce for an asian spin on your grilled salmon in foil swap out the melted butter for 1 4 cup of soy sauce.

Grilled salmon with dill and lemon sabrina s baksh this quick and easy grilled salmon with thyme and lemon recipe is a delicious combination if you like you can use fresh herbs instead of dried this recipe works well on both salmon filets and salmon steaks.

Plan on about 6 ounces of salmon per person whether youre grilling individual fillets or a whole side of skin on salmon at once feel free to add spice rubs glazes and sauces as you like serve this salmon with grilled asparagus potatoes cilantro lime cauliflower rice or your favorite sides.

Six ingredients are all it takes for this full flavor easy salmon marinade with the flavor profile of honey soy sauce brown sugar and more this savory yet sweet meal is a great weeknight go to when the brown sugar butter and honey glaze caramelize on the surface this marinade for salmon comes to life try sprinkling your marinated salmon with toasted white hellip.

For grilled salmon choose fillets or steaks the fillets tend to be a bit thinner so they rsquo ll cook up more quickly than the steaks but both options work well on the grill whether you plan to eat the skin or not it rsquo s always best to opt for skin on salmon too that skin gives you a buffer between the delicate flesh and the hot grill.

Our grilled salmon with lemon dill sauce will make you legendary in the kitchen but we know youre likely already there kitchen wiz with a creamy tangy lemon dill sauce and tender salmon this recipe will leave family and friends asking for seconds whether youre firing up the grill for our salmon with dill sauce or using the broiler youve got what it takes to make it hellip.

Grilled honey mustard salmon for the grill option your gas grill can be set to a medium high temperature around 400 degrees f with sturdy fish steak like swordfish i typically place it directly on the grill but with this salmon fillet because its a large piece and because its glazed with a sauce to prevent it from drying up and.

Salmon fishcakes or salmon hash chardonnay again this is getting boring but it is the most reliable wine pairing with salmon but a sparkling wine like cava or even champagne can be good too seared or grilled salmon here rsquo s where things get interesting because salmon is a meaty fish if you grill or char it you can pair it with a red.

Check salmon for doneness at the 8 minute mark to make sure you dont overcook it an instant read thermometer inserted into the middle of the thickest fillet should register 120 deg f to 130 deg f for medium rare or 135 deg f to 145 deg f for more well done cook time will depend on the thickness of salmon and your oven cooks tip 2 grilled salmon option.