Since grilled shrimp is such a versatile main dish these three different versions are in my current rotation what you serve it with is equally as flexible from tangy carrot slaw to a colorful israeli couscous salad we rsquo ve rounded up 35 of the best grilled shrimp sides for a satisfying dinner.

Turn simply grilled shrimp into a tasty salad that is made completely on the grill mdash even the lettuce has a turn cooking romaine over the grates gives it a nice nutty flavor which complements the grilled shrimp and charred corn beautifully a homemade avocado lime dressing and cotija cheese are the perfect finish.

This grilled backstrap recipe respects the venison with its outright simplicity grilled summer vegetables using a veggie grill mat citrus grilled shrimp skewers yogurt indian steak kabobs grilled venison backstrap yield 4 servings prep.