A Salatteller will often feature a serving of carrot salad, radish salad, lettuce greens, potato salad and this cucumber saladWelcome to The ASH Aachen! Entdecke die The ASH Speisekarte und finde Dein Lieblingsgericht Jetzt Karte durchstobern!Jul 27, 2017 Eating this cool and crunchy cucumber salad always reminds me of Germany Theyre the best salads ever!Feb 24, 2021 Creamy German Cucumber Salad, or Gurkensalat, is a fresh and simple side dish featuring thinly sliced cucumbers in a sour cream and dill dressing! My mom is a native German, so every few years we trek back to the homeland to visit her side of the family Its commonly included as part of any Salatteller (salad plate) in German restaurants