This potato frittata is essentially a potato pie the ratio of potatoes to eggs is definitely skewed in the potato lovers favor the potatoes are peeled sliced and roasted with caramelized onions olive oil butter and seasoning they rsquo re hellip.

This delicious potato frittata has sharp cheddar cheese thinly sliced potato and scallions for a flavorful savory breakfast dish it can feed a crowd and leftovers keep beautifully once you know how to make a frittata you can make a thousand different frittatas and its versatility is only one of its many merits.

Learn all the tips and tricks to make perfect potato frittata every single time italian potato frittata is one of the most traditional italian recipes you can recreate incredibly easy to make with very simple ingredients its the go to dish most italian mums make on a busy weekday and for loads of good reasons.

The cottage cheese gives the frittata such a great texture and adds more protein to the eggs what is a good high protein breakfast breakfast is considered high protein if it has at least 15 20 grams of protein cottage cheese is obviously a great choice as a one cup serving can have over 25 grams of protein.

Make the potato and cheese filling cook the potatoes and mash them cook diced onion with finely chopped rosemary twigs grate the cheese combine all the ingredients and season with salt and pepper to taste i like to mix the ingredients with a stand mixer fitted with a paddle shaped attachment ndash it rsquo s just easier than mixing it by hand.

A few pantry staple ingredients and 40 minutes are all that you need to serve this dish we used cheddar cheese as it melts well and has a wonderfully tangy and rich flavor but any cheese that melts well like full fat mozzarella or colby jack makes a wonderful addition the sour cream adds a bright note to the casserole and the green onions bring a welcome herby hellip.

Making frittata is super easy the key to making the perfect frittata is to keep it simple you don rsquo t have to make a crust when you are making a frittata that rsquo s a quiche which makes making a frittata a bit easier all you have to do is decide on what vegetables you want to use and what your flavor profile is going to be.

This potato frittata is a delicious and easy recipe for an oven baked frittata potatoes and leeks are pan fried with a bit of bacon and then baked with a creamy egg custard for a hearty gluten free meal perfect for brunch or breakfast.

Garden cheddar frittata the potato crust on this pretty frittata is so easy to make and everyone will love the taste i rsquo ve made it with goat cheese too and it rsquo s delicious you can also use other vegetables if you like mdash eva amuso harbour house inn b b cheshire massachusetts.

Baked potato ham and cheese frittata whip up these cheesy frittatas for a lovely light lunch at home or pack in a lunchbox with salad to take to work 16 0 this traditional spanish frittata is packed full of flavour from the potatoes tomatoes and fresh herbs this dish makes a healthy lunch or dinner.

Baked vegetable frittata is the easy way to make frittata ndash just pour everything into a baking dish and pop it in the oven it tastes like a crustless quiche and it rsquo s just as great fresh out of the oven as it is 4 days later loaded with herb garlic roasted vegetables take this to work make it for breakfast brunch or dinner use my frittata recipe formula to make this your hellip.

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